miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Who is Caro? in spanglish

1. How would you describe your work in three words?

Adictivo posesivo pasional

2. Who is your creative role model?

Los niños

3. If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it?

Ver perros jugando en el agua.

4. What place in the world most inspires you?

Las carreteras

5. If you could do a different job for a day what would it be and why?

Cuenta cuentos.

6. What is your favorite homemade gift to give?


7. What is your favorite object in your home?

Un Quilt de muchos colores en forma de reguiletes.

8. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Divertirse trabajando y lavarse las manos antes de comer.

9. What websites do you use for inspiration?

Stumble Upon

10. When do you consider a piece of your work complete?

Cuando después de dejarla reposar una noche, despierto y me gusta.